In a climate of love and welcome at the Sri Prema Charitable Village in the presence of several political personalities, a day of service and aid for the children of the schools of the Ramanagara – Channapatna district took place.



The children were welcomed with joy and Love in an environment, where Love permeates everything. During the wonderful day they were handed them, school supplies, backpacks, books, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. The beauty of seeing children’s smiles receive such gifts is not equal to any other experience. Giving all this to the children of the adopted schools will allow them to have the opportunity, through study, to change their own life and that of their country. A simple gesture of Love can change the whole world. Very little is enough. Opening the Heart to accommodate the simple needs of children who have had so many hardships from life, is unparalleled.


The beautiful day, with each backpack delivered, was illuminated more and more by the smiles that every child gave. In their eyes, joy shone in receiving such gifts.

Their happiness was the most beautiful gift ever received.


The school supplies were delivered to 600 children thanks to the many gestures of Love that I know came to their aid. Our help won’t stop there. We have in our hearts the hope that soon, thanks to the generosity of all, we will be able to help the other 600 children to realize their dreams.



Children will be tomorrow’s adults. Giving them hope means giving new hope to the whole world. Let us not abandon them and let us not abandon their dreams!

Every dream of a child’s Love is a new brick for the construction of a new civilization born of Love…




Luigi Ferrante

Founder of the Sri Prema Sai Organization 


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