Nepal has been hit by a terrible earthquake that has taken the country to its knees, with thousands of victims, injured, displaced and countless children, women and men without medical care, food, clo-thing and a roof under which to find shelter.
Facing to so much suffering, is not possible to watch only …

And it is for this reason that the Sri Prema Sai Organization ONLUS decided to be at the forefront, with love and for love, going immediately into Nepal with volunteers led by Luigi Ferrante, to provide first aid and bring immediate and concrete aid to the victims of the earthquake.

Completed the first phase of this emergency, we should not leave the Nepalese people and we want to be in the reconstruction phase: and it is for this reason that Luigi Ferrante with the Sri Prema Sai Organization ONLUS has undertaken to implement all the necessary efforts to the construction of a new elementary school. It is for the smaller, in fact, that one has a duty to share, because reconstruction is a strong signal of love and hope, which is to sow in the hearts of our Nepalese brothers confidence in a better future and a belief that even in the darkest moments, they are never alone and left to themselves.
With a gesture of love towards children we can bring in the hearts of our brothers hope and jump-start all the people there, leaving a glimpse of light again, for a new time and a new future.

All this, however, will never be possible without the help of all. To bring effective help to the nepalese population, we also need your help!
Make a donation and your contribution will be used entirely to give new hope to children, women and men of Nepal, ensuring that everything will be collected, will be used – down to the last euro – for the population affected by the earthquake.

We’re counting on you! Our Nepalese brothers are counting on us!

Facing to so much suffering and the cry of pain of our Nepalese brothers, we have decided not to stay around and just watch, but to act now!


Take action yourself, make a deposit in favor of:

SRI PREMA SAI ORGANIZATION ONLUS, Unicredit Bank, branch 00804, Francia – Torino
IBAN: IT31C0200801104000103635617

causal: Aid to earthquake victims in Nepal

Luigi Ferrante from Nepal – 08/06/2015

Love and hope …

La Preghiera Universale...

“… Love should transcend the limits of the world and go further, to become Love for the whole Universe …”
Today we thought a temporary arrangement for the school, in tents and sheds made of wood and sheet metal, so that children can now go back to their lives. I told the dean that education can not wait for all the recovery and the reconstruction of homes and schools destroyed by this earthquake. The children are given priority and the right to start living again, and calmly go back to their normal. The opening of the school, even if in temporary accommodation, has several advantages for children even before starting their studies, as there is need for psychosocial recovery, return to their lives with other children and their games, at this time, It is essential, and also serves to protect them from the psychological violence that unfortunately have suffered.
As I spoke with the principal and some teachers, watched the area where we will build the elementary school, in the rubble of homes and school buildings, I realized that there was only desolation … at one point I saw a child, only and sitting on some rubble of the school.
Slowly I approached, I took some pictures and I sat beside him, and looking at his sad face and tears in his eyes, I asked him, what’s wrong, why are you crying …? What’s your name? After un’attino of silence, and with long sobs, the boy softly answered me, my name is Sushma, I no longer have my school and I do not have friends to play with … at that moment, looking at the tenderness of that child, and his innocence, I could not hold my tears, was strong the love that flooded … comforted him saying, Fear not, I promise you that your school will be rebuilt soon, and will return to play with your friends, you’ll see that it will be a great school, and will be even more beautiful. What gift would you, I immediately asked to make him happy, Sushma I responded by saying, I wish my school …
At that moment, I embraced strong squeezing my arms … and I told him, you will get, it’s a promise I make to you, I will always keep the promises.
To another child, who arrived shortly after, looking a bit ‘gruff named Bhuban, I asked him, from which the village came, if that was his school, and what I could buy and donate. The child, ready and awake in the response I said, I want to become big and rich … Ohhh … I told him, of course, you will become one, but if you want to be big and rich, you must first go to school, learn to read and write, and then you can do everything. Remember, education makes pleasant human being, with it you can capture everything, wealth, prosperity and esteem of your friends … Then I said, come with me, I’ll write your name on top of the board that will hang, and so everyone will see and you will know and you will be immediately great. He promptly answered me with a tongue …! With the principal we laughed a lot, in front of that frankness of genuine expression.
“… The one who has no love in his heart, is like a dry land, can not support himself or others …”
Prema (Love) should be supported by many strings, to be strong and healthy

Luigi Ferrante from Nepal – 06/06/2015

A brick for Nepal…

La Preghiera Universale...

“… Humility and respect for those we serve can elevate humanity of man.”
Today was the beginning of a new day for these people, as, begins construction. I am committed personally with the authorities of the place, with the principal, teachers and students, telling them that the first brick will start the construction of the school, because education is the basis of a new and healthy society. Today I delivered the first brick to the school principal Mr. Shiba Prasad Bhatta, from before the head of the district. I told them, children are the foundation and the cornerstones of a society and a country that wants to grow, it is Nepal really needs it.
The principal said with emotion, I am very surprised by what is happening, people like you come from a land far away as Italy, I am here today to help us realize a dream that seemed not feasible … this is a miracle! I said, dear Prasad, a moment ago you told me that every day, at every break of dawn, you turn to God in prayer, asking that this be realized your dream, a new school for your kids … and God he answered!
This school will be built in the village of Ghyampesal to 1800 meters high, it is located in the VDC (Village Development Committee) of Masel, in Gorkha district ( Nepal), and is approximately 200 kilometers from Kathmandu, and can accommodate up to 500 students, from the various surrounding villages.
I am aware that it will be a difficult and tiring, but I am convinced that, a difficult task creates the challenge and develops the best part is higher man, undertaken with ardor and faith, everything will be sweet …
Peace and prosperity in the world, they can only be realized by explorers and pioneers of spirituality
“… Whatever task will be assigned, unfold it with fervor, with love, with humility, understanding and respect …”

Luigi Ferrante from India – 29/05/2015

The Universal Prayer …

La Preghiera Universale...Through genuine prayer, mountains of evil can be pulverized and destroyed.
Today, I was again contacted by our friends of Nepal, many of them have asked me to come back, they need more help, because no one is taking care of them and most have already been forgotten by everybody, I was asked in prayer to come back, and I’ve heard their prayers, and I could not say no …! Despite many of my commitments, I canceled my flight back to Italy, and I decided to go back to Nepal.
To remove the evil of selfishness, love and service are the most effective tools. The love and service make you feel to the person who does it, the unity of all mankind.
It was said, “… he who dedicates his time, skill and strength to the service of those in need, responding to their cries for help, never meet defeat, pain or disappointment, because the service is its own reward. His words are always sweet and filled with love, his actions will always be reverent and humble … “.
Love can everything …!

Luigi Ferrante from India – 27/05/2015

Expand your heart …
The wealth accumulated in this world is not yours, and you have distributed the wealth belongs to you …
One day I was told by my teacher “… when you will go to do seva in the villages, brought their love and light in abundance. Bring them the message of hope and strength into their hearts, and be grateful when they welcome you and give you the opportunity to serve them. Be humble and loving, remember that your happiness depends on them, and your health depends on their happiness … ”
As my habit, on return from any humanitarian mission, and I went to Prashanty Nilayam to thank Swamj. I wanted to once again keep a promise. I brought a gift the fruits of the service provided to Nepal and a letter of thanks that I have given. Now I can show you because, thank all of you. It’s always nice to come home … and while I’m here, the memories flow like in a movie, in mind and heart.
He realizes that, with him everything continues, as the infinite being …
Today, the head of the temple, while I was sitting in front of the chair of Swamj, silently approached me, opened my hands and handed me the bags Viboothi, telling me, this is by Swamj …
Prashanty Nilayam was always a place where they were born as beautiful designs, inspired by an extraordinary being, Swamj.
Even today, in this place, are born beautiful designs …
“… There is no morality higher than truth, there is no prayer more fruitful of Seva (service)”.
E ‘was also said that “… you can not get anything without God’s grace.”

Luigi Ferrante from Nepal – 24/05/2015

The value of a word …
“… If the word communicate something to a happy person, unexpectedly happy, that person will gain the strength of an elephant, and his faith turn back …”
The service is the flower of Love ‘that captivates the mind, and innocence is its fragrance. If all our actions, even the smallest, is scented with compassion and reverence, our character will have great splendor.
The best evidence of the value of a human being is total consistency
The time and like a flash, quickly passes, I look around and I realize that much has already been done, but there is still much to do … now we need to build!
We have reached the end of this first relief phase, now begins the second phase, the construction phase.
Today, while men, women and children greeted me with excitement and joy, I watched this people, I watched their eyes and their smile, and I realized that each of them had lost something or someone, but despite everything, their looks were proud and they had lost the most important thing, their dignity …!
The head of the district of Gorkha, from before the people, he wanted to see me reading a letter in which he thanked us, he was very moved and when we said goodbye, he asked me if he could hug from brother to brother. It ‘been a big hug and full of love, all those present joined hands shouted long Namaste … Namaste … Namaste!
It ‘was a very intense, rich experience in humanitarian and spiritual. Life teaches us a lot, and every day, is a great adventure, a journey within a journey, where extraordinary things happen and unique.
Of course, there are many destructive forces in this world, but fortunately there are also, next to them, constructive forces …!
And in thinking, habits and actions of a human being, manifests his humanity.
Our journey of solidarity in Nepal, for now, and just for now, stop there … We kept what we had promised, helping our brothers in Nepal, hard hit by this earthquake, and we were able to give them a little hope. Of course, if we had received more aid and there was more participation and sensitivity, we definitely did a great miracle …
I promised that I would return with other aid, and to build the primary school, so that children can return to school soon, to their lives … A promise that will be kept as always!
“Truth is the life of a word and a promise …”
Human life is priceless, rich in meaning and worthy of being lived and experienced with joy and love.
I thank you on behalf of all these people and these magnificent children of Nepal, because, thanks to your help, we were able to do our little miracle of love … Thank you all!
“I appeal to you dear friends,” let life surprise you every day, and live it with intensity and freedom because, life is a … ”
Love and service are the wings of life. E ‘by these two wings before continuing on the road to quickly reach the goal of life …

Luigi Ferrante from Nepal – 23/05/2015

The voice of conscience …
“… Only in following the dictates of their conscience, it is unable to reach the right destination.”
The heart is the consciousness.
The real heart is the one that does not depend on places, times, people or nations, as it is the heart without form …!
Every day there are obstacles to overcome, the roads are completely impassable, sudden monsoons create extensive damage, and slow down the rescue. All night it rained non-stop, and the mud prevents any movement … we must reach the village at 1800 meters high.
Given the long wait, I thought I’d go into stores to make the last food supplies, meanwhile the sun dried a bit ‘on the streets and made them a bit more feasible.
At about 10:00 we headed destination Ghyanpesal another small district in the mountains.
As we climbed to reach the district, passing through small villages and semi deserts, dictate our caravan to stop and distribute even in those small villages, there were only very few souls in this half-destroyed village … The head of the means of transport would I recommend to stop the return in those little villages on the way, as it was already late and risked doing night in the mountains. I decided as always, I tell him not to worry, and that we will be able to do everything on time. While we distributed my gaze falls on a water fountain, whose will was glued a white tile and a photo to me very familiar … Swamj! The second in two weeks …
To date, thanks to God, and after these earthquakes and monsoons that have worsened the situation of relief, and even creating fear and humiliation in people, causing them to return again in the nightmare … we were able to serve and make you happy, well in 2340 families and 3150 children.
We wanted to do a long and painstaking, and keep a promise, recandoci village by village and leaving these people provisions for a month … Each family I wanted to assign a 30 kg sack of rice, a bag of 30 kg of Dhal and 30 kg of flour, plus other material necessities.
“… No gift is more noble than the donated food.”
It ‘been said that “… no justice is greater compassion, and no gain is more advantageous to the company of the good.”

Luigi Ferrante from Nepal – 22/05/2015

Life is precious …
Every human being is a farmer, every heart is a field, we can not squander this field so precious … In all of us there is strength and capacity, in order to cultivate this field.
Human life is the most sacred there is in the world.
Today I want to tell one of my past experiences, perhaps even stronger … this trip to Nepal. Every day is a new experience, every day the dangers are lurking, but also miracles happen every day … The alarm rings at 4.30, at 5.30 about us getting ready to leave, and ready for a new target … target , being able to do more and more, to give more and more, reach more people as possible and restore hope to these people. When I see them smile, I’m happy, and when I can fill their outstretched hands and empty, I am immensely happy to touch the sky … Despite the fatigue and much work to be done, among boys there is always a nice harmony, though, complained that leap with me always breakfast and lunch … After hours of travel we arrived on top of the mountain in the village of Pandrung VCD, small district and surrounded by many small villages, each small village collects about 50/70 families, and we started to distribute. After a short break, we reached two other villages, and distributed food and basic necessities, other 250 families. Time passes quickly, and I looked forward, I was already 15. I looked up to the sky, and strange clouds approaching threatening. Next to me there was an elderly Nepalese, and he began to look at the sky, and with wondering eyes, whispering in Nepali, suddenly, he grabbed her left arm and in English said “Sir go … “. I looked at his face, it was transformed in that moment … I told the guys we go away soon, we protected the children, let’s get away immediately, something strange is happening, the kids did not understand what I meant and because of my sudden rush. Meanwhile we were organizing, the sky had become almost dark, strange colors dominated the sky so dark and menacing, and then suddenly got up a strong wind, a blizzard, with the arrival of a powerful monsoon, accompanied by violent lightning and thunder, as if there was in place, a war in heaven. As they ran for cover, preceded by a loud thunder and lightning that seemed to open the heavens, another violent earthquake of magnitude 6.8 has wanted to give the coup de grace … At that moment it seemed the end … all the elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth were unleashed … People ran for cover, that there were, as there ‘was a safe place. The road was now impracticable, and we could not even get off the mountain, because, until we discover that in the meantime a bus that was coming was stuck in the mud with all passengers on board, and unfortunately there is only one lane … The Time passed, including fear, screams, thunder and lightning and water that looked like a swollen river, and drew all that was on its way, now it was dark. The guys I was advised to organize ourselves and to find accommodation of luck, and spend the night in that village, because, according to them, the bus was not to be moved until the next morning, it was completely blocked, and relief could not get there by that time. At that moment I looked around, between the darkness, the monsoon and the houses destroyed, with the flashes that lit up the place, the village seemed spooky, the scenario seemed apocalyptic, and it all seemed unreal … I have not given up, I I told the guys we go to see what is on the bus and the passengers, and we evaluate what we can do. The boys insisted that it was very dangerous to move, I responded by saying that in that bus there were dozens and dozens of people who risked their lives and we could not stand by and watch … Looking at the situation I immediately said to my children, call the drivers of two tractors. After explaining how to do, equipped with ropes and chains, and after working hours, and with a cry of these unison that reached the highest peaks of the mountain, (Jai Sai Ram) we were able to move the bus, to help and save many people, and allowing them to return to their families, and finally break through, and we can also go down
from the mountain safely. ..Sai Ram!
Do not forget Nepal and its people, there is much work to do and they still need our help ..!
What is needed is to cultivate the willingness to give love in return for love, heart for heart and life for life …
“… The proper study of mankind is man …”

Luigi Ferrante from Nepal – 20/05/2015

Listen, think and act …
There is no room in this world for the hypocrisy and double plays in the field of spirituality.
As long as the man will be able to serve and love, will stand the Dharma (Right action). The listen and act accordingly, is a wasted life … The manipulation of truth in action is Dharma. There is no Dharma greater than truth …
Our life is straight and narrow, as fellow travelers we have the Truth and Love … Love saturates all service activities, joy and peace. Love ennobles the last and smallest of humans …
“… Love does not seek compensation because it is reward in itself.”
I wish you a good day

Luigi Ferrante from Nepal – 16/05/2015

Deja vu for Nepal…
The earth did not stop shaking … today again two violent earthquakes of magnitude 5.4, and the people of Nepal lives every day Deja vu.
The roads to reach small villages spread over the mountains at an altitude of 1500/1800 meters, becoming increasingly small and dangerous and hinder the rescue aid … and people are more and more isolated from the world … Every day it takes miracles of acrobatics to reach these poor people.
Every day we invent new ways to cover up those tunes isolated …
People are tired and exhausted, and complain that God has abandoned them to their hard and cruel fate …
For a large family that lost home, a son and grandparents, I said, if we are here with you to help you, and because God has heard your cry of pain … the head of the family joined hands he said, “Namaste” .
There is much to do, and every day seems to start all over again … here you do not have time to pray, you only have time to act … and I appreciate the words that were spoken long and long ago,
“… The service brings more fruits of prayer, meditation and yoga, usually recommended for spiritual aspirants, as it serves two purposes, the extinction of the ego and the acquisition of wisdom and peace …”. As the service performed without thinking and want neither the profit that they can derive, but only for love is true Yoga. Yoga one that destroys the selfish nature of the individual and turns it into extraordinary being and the Divine … So yes you can say, a life worth living … Love live and go …!

Luigi Ferrante from Nepal – 14/05/2015

Luigi Ferrante from Nepal – 12/05/2015

Dear Friends,
the days go quickly without even noticing the time …
Since yesterday, many earthquakes have accompanied us on our journey, but today was the hardest …
On our way in the second village, where we waited for hundreds of children and scores of families, we heard some shock, but we did not care that much, but when we were distributing food to families and biscuits to children, we first heard a strong roar accompanied by a strong echo, then looking at the houses, already hit hard before, we have seen them sway and then come down … in that moment the panic has taken over, with screams, she cries of pain and tears …
We left right away our food service distribution, and we put ourselves to try children and elderly digging with bare hands under the rubble … some injured, and especially great desperation.
Many of them were lucky, as in the expectation that we were coming, they were all out of their homes waiting for us, then, when she got the strong quake, were already out safely …!
A tragedy escaped.
In those moments you do not have time to think about themselves, because you are there to help them.
I’m happy to be here in Nepal, among these people, and especially now more than ever, happy to do my job to be human and spiritual, serving those who need help.
My hands in the service of humanity …
The instinct and love prevails over everything, most of my life.
In time, I learned that, faith, as well as love, does not go through the right …
Thanks for your support, and I thank especially the guys Torbiera, men and women who, in a spirit of dedication and love, are doing a great service … Today I also thought of you, and the dream I had the night before, you Dear friends, you were with me, and with your love and your courage you have created a chain of love.
Be proud of yourself, and know that I am always with you in your hearts, as you are all in my heart. I love you all …

Luigi Ferrante from Nepal – 08/05/2015

The best way … Love
Dear friends,
Today was a long day, hours and hours of travel through the mountains of Nepal, to reach these people, and give them comfort and hope … I know that is the great sacrifice that is asked,
but it is great joy in seeing the smile back on the faces of these children and their parents.
When there is in the individual, a strong desire to help and serve, miracles happen …
I think this is the only spiritual discipline to which we dedicate ourselves.
One day I was told, “… do not forget that, because all your efforts to be successful, it is essential to Universal Love (Prema)
A warm hug to all of you

Luigi Ferrante from Nepal – 05/05/2015

Love and courage …
Dear friends,
as promised, said and done … After three long and tiring days of travel, and after passing through five states, we finally arrived in Nepal … the continuous earthquakes, we welcomed!
From what I was told immediately, and that the situation, and as the first day, nothing has changed … Also, men who govern, create only the machinery of bureaucracy and chaos …
35 districts are affected and about 8,000 deaths, and every day we’re becoming … people are afraid and the survivors live in terror every moment, every shock and powerful and long and makes him remember the first day …
As I was told, and she asked, at this time need to help true!
I simply responded, we are here for, but not to promise to do now …
I think, what the world needs today, are people of good will, action and especially of love, and not men of words and formality. We are all unique beings, and if we want to, we can do extraordinary things, and be able to impress even God …
Thank you for what you are doing

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