The Sri Prema Sai Organization APS, is a non-profit cultural association founded on the practice and the dissemination of the five human values of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence. The Association aims to promote and develop cultural activities for the growth of the spirit and body and to disseminate and apply the principles of solidarity and service to Humanity.

To this end, the Association is engaged in the following lines of action:

  • Teaching and practice of the five human values, with particular attention to the education of young people, in order to introduce them to the world through the principles and the pursuit of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence. To this end will be promoted cultural activities related to the various Humanities arts, such as music, literature and philosophy creating courses, conferences, debates, study sessions, round tables and any other cultural event useful to understanding, dissemination and practice of these human values;
  • Spiritual development, care of the body and the spirit, that will be pursued by promoting and encouraging spiritual meetings, meditation exercises, Yoga practice and study of literary works in order to derive universal principles governing the proper animico and spiritual development and to put them into practice for a correct inner growth;
  • Selfless service for the benefit of mankind, which will be put into practice in a spirit of solidarity through voluntary actions and charitable activities, aimed at alleviating the most un-comfortable situations and poverty. To this end can be achieved fundraisers or materials, collaborations with other organizations and concrete action on the front lines, to provide help to individuals, families, communities or populations, typically in poverty or affected by disasters, both in Italy and abroad.

The participation to the Association is open to anyone who shares the practice and dissemination of the five human values and have time, courage and desire to grow without ever losing sight, in a spirit of solidarity and self-sacrifice, who are in conditions of hardship and need concrete help.

Prema is a Sanskrit word meaning Love in its highest sense. The Sri Prema Sai Organization APSmeet every soul determined to be guided by this Love and willing to work and build a better future for the society, a new age of light and hope, a new peacetime and sharing and a man renewed in body, soul and spirit. Moved by this Love, we are all called upon to fight for the achievement of a bright and exciting goal, a service to man and for the man, who represents opportunities for human and spiritual growth, food for the body, the heart and soul of who gives and who receives.

Sai Ram


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